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What We Offer At One Place Together

Mental ill-health or mental illness sounds like such a strong term which is often down to the stigma surrounding it. In actual fact, it refers to any condition that prevents us from coping with the day-to-day activities we would usually manage without issue. This can include any issue in our lives that influences our thought process.


Within our service, we work with common issues such as anxiety, stress, depression and mood disorders which could have been brought on by a range of different circumstances such as abuse, bereavement, addiction, relationship issues, work, school or home life. We also work with more complex issues including domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, rape and dissociative identity disorder. We work with clients from the age of 4 upwards. 


We understand how difficult it is to make the decision to come for counselling, this is why we have made it as easy as possible. There are so many different questions you will have going through your head at this time. This is why our service offers a free, no-obligation consultation. We feel this is an important part of the counselling process as it gives you the opportunity to come along, see where we are, meet our counsellors and have a chat about your needs. This also gives us the opportunity to see which one of our counsellors fits in with you and your needs.


With many counselling providers, there are often long waiting lists for public services and steep prices for private counsellors. We are trying to bridge the gap in offering an appointment within two working days of your first contact with us, meaning no anxious waiting on a list and offering more affordable prices with sessions at £50 each.

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